Shipping Info

Thank you for your support of Hinterland! We pride ourselves in efficient processing of orders do our absolute best to bring quick ship times to our customers. With shipping some things are out of our control. Thank you again for your support!

Please note: If you request USPS shipping to an address that is not deliverable by USPS and the item is returned to sender there will be an additional shipping charge if you would like the item reshipped. Otherwise we can refund the order less the original shipping charge. Please verify all shipping information before confirming your order.

What we WILL guarantee:

Fast processing!

We strive to process all orders within 3-5 business day after we receive them. After you place your order, your items will leave our facility within 4-6 business days.

Great customer service!

If you get the wrong item in your shipment, we apologize. Mistakes happen but we will very quickly get you taken care of and the right item in your hands. Email us at so we can sort out the problem!

What we cannot guarantee:

Ship times

We use USPS and UPS for our delivery services. Unfortunately once your item leaves our facility, it is up to the carrier to get it to you. Yes, that can lead to frustrating ship times when they are busier. By placing an order and choosing your delivery service you recognize that we, Hinterland, are not responsible for shipping delays.

Package condition

When your item left us we took every precaution to package it with care. If the item was damaged by the carrier it is your responsibility to file a claim with them as the recipient. We are not able to file a claim on your behalf. USPS Claim LinkUPS Claim Link.

Package security

Once your package leaves our facility it is in the hands of the carrier. We take the carrier's word for it when the tracking shows as delivered. If it is stolen off of your property or it is mis-delivered it is your responsibility to file a claim with the carrier.